Monday, September 28, 2009

Lester throwing with Farrell at Fenway Park

Jon Lester has begun a routine side session, throwing on the Fenway Park warning track with pitching coach John Farrell. He jogged out to the bullpen with no apparent limp.

The two began by throwing from 40 or 50 feet and stretched out to 60 feet and then around 100 feet and then started throwing from somewhere around 150 feet. Farrell was standing on the spot where Dwight Evans made his famous catch in the 1975 World Series, and Lester was standing in front of the garage door in the center-field triangle.

Lester next moved back to within 60 feet of Farrell and began pitching lightly out of a full windup.

(In other words, a completely routine side.)

Apparently still feeling good, he then moved into the bullpen to throw off the mound. The first 10 or so pitches kind of looped in to bullpen catcher Mani Martinez, but he picked up the pace from there. He paused for a conversation with Farrell after he'd thrown about 30 pitches, and he paused again after about 50 pitches to do some dry runs with his windup and his plant.

He called it quits after about 75 pitches, counted unofficially from the press box. All told, he was throwing for about half an hour from start to finish.

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