Thursday, October 16, 2008

Schilling bounces ceremonial first pitch

The Red Sox didn't announce the identity of tonight's ceremonial-first-pitch thrower until moments before he emerged from the dugout. It was the not-yet-retired Curt Schilling, wearing a No. 38 jersey and light jeans. He half-jogged to the mound to a rousing ovation from the Fenway Park crowd.

And he bounced the pitch. He took a very small windup and didn't try to throw it that hard, but, still, he bounced the pitch. It hit the dirt some eight or 10 feet in front of catcher David Ross. It is impossible to describe how awful that pitch was.

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floydiansea said...

It's hard to watch a once-dominant athlete in any sport so obviously show his age and inability to perform.

You want to go out with dignity.


(Maybe if he bled on the ball, though, it'd look more heroic? ... Okay, that was the only jab on him that I'll do.)