Sunday, March 29, 2009

A quick intermission in the Top 100

Here's a quick break in the action so those of you who haven't been following the Top 100 Red Sox of All-Time can catch up. (Click here for the original post.)

The countdown starts at No. 100 (Keith Foulke) and has continued past No. 90 (Doc Cramer), No. 80 (Boo Ferris), No. 70 (Tom Brewer, three spots ahead of Jimmy Piersall), No. 60 (Frank Sullivan, sandwiched between Jonathan Papelbon and Jim Lonborg), No. 50 (Larry Gardner, who beat out Josh Beckett by one spot), No. 40 (Buck Freeman, who edged Frank Malzone) and No. 30 (Bill Lee).

Clearly, there's nothing scientific about this list. The capsules also aren't meant to be justifications for each player's spot on the list -- we all know Dom DiMaggio and Harry Hooper both were great players, and there's no point in going through each of their numbers to figure out precisely who should be No. 29 and who should be No. 28.

Instead, it's just something to have a little fun with. I have. I hope you do, too.

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