Friday, November 7, 2008

Patriots' pursuit of Hall might be all wet

Patriots coach Bill Belichick was curt in his dismissal of a question about veteran John Lynch a couple of weeks ago. He wasn't quite so curt when a reporter asked him Friday if he'd like to comment about reports that the Patriots might be interested in recently waived cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

"I would love to," he said with a smile, drawing a laugh from the assembled media. "No, I'll just comment on the players we have on our team and leave the other thousands that aren't."

The same reporter asked if Belichick had any kind of relationship with Hall, be it when the cornerback was coming out of Virginia Tech or from any other occasion.

"He was in the Pro Bowl a couple of years ago, but not on (the AFC) team," Belichick said.

His face then slipped into something of a sly grin. At first, it almost looked like a "I know something you don't" expression, but then he dropped this line on the assembled media: "I think we might have been in the pool together."

(Let that mental image settle for a moment. You're welcome.)

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