Monday, November 10, 2008

Strong criticism for Hall

Waived cornerback DeAngelo Hall looked like a nice fit for the depleted Patriots, at least based on need and reputation. Sunday's dismantling of the Trent Edwards- and Lee Evans-led Bills passing attack means that need might not be as great as we thought. And Peter King's column this morning has an illuminating item about Hall's reputation:

I think there are a few quarterbacks in the NFC East -- starting with Tony Romo next Sunday -- who will be trying to rake DeAngelo Hall over the coals in the last seven weeks of the season. Hall signed with Washington on Friday, after his bizarre release from the Raiders, who paid Hall $8 million to play all of eight games.

Stats Inc. came up with this illuminating stat about Hall's horrid play so far: He surrendered 40 receptions for 556 yards this year, more receiving yards than any other cornerback allowed through nine weeks. Part of that is because his counterpart, Nnamdi Asomugha, is so good and quarterbacks don't want to throw at his side. But Hall cost the Raiders second- and fifth-round picks last April, and then this big cap hit for eight lousy games. For a guy who made Oakland give up so much, Hall, you'd think, would at least be competent.

Hall has always talked a great game, but this year he proved he can't play one. He should be no more than a third corner behind Shawn Springs and Carlos Rogers when Springs returns from his calf injury. Still, when Hall was on Sirius NFL Radio Friday, he still talked with Deion-like bravado, telling a host who said he'd given up some big plays: "You just made that statement, 'give up big plays.' I don't think I gave up a play over 20 yards this season. I gave up one to Michael Jenkins, a 27-yard touchdown. That's part of the business, the nature of the beast. When you're getting a lot of money, you're expected to make a lot of plays. And there are a lot of plays out there I didn't make and I take responsibility for those."

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