Saturday, April 25, 2009

Patriots trade the pick again

In Bill Belichick's ongoing effort to one-up Eric Mangini, he's traded his first-round pick to Green Bay.

The Patriots have traded their first-rounder (now No. 26) and the fifth-rounder they got from Baltimore (No. 162) for a second-round pick (No. 41) and two third-round picks (No. 73 and No. 83). The Patriots now have eight picks in the top 100 -- but zero first-rounders. They have four second-round picks: No. 34, No. 41, No. 47 and No. 58.

Baltimore selected offensive tackle Michael Oher with the No. 23 pick. Green Bay selected Clay Matthews with the No. 26 pick.

Fascinating. Matthews looked like a great fit for the Patriots.

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floydiansea said...

Belichick likes to confuse, to distract and then to conquer.

Such is his way.

Someday, people will study his methods the way they study Patton. Rommel. Dave Thomas (of Wendy's). And all the other great visionaries.