Friday, April 24, 2009

Fun with numbers: Red Sox-Yankees

Here's a smorgasbord of numbers to chew on as we get ready for Red Sox-Yankees tonight:

Against Joba Chamberlain:
* Mike Lowell is 3-for-7;
* Dustin Pedroia is 3-for-8;
* Kevin Youkilis is 2-for-5;
* J.D. Drew is 0-for-7;
* Jacoby Ellsbury is 0-for-6;
* David Ortiz is 1-for-6;

Not one of those sample sizes is big enough to mean anything. It is fascinating, though, that Chamberlain, a righthander, has eaten the Red Sox lefthanders for lunch. That's not typical; in his career, lefties have an OPS of .627 against Chamberlain; righties have an OPS of .589.

Against Jon Lester:
* Melky Cabrera is 5-for-8;
* Johnny Damon is 5-for-12;
* Derek Jeter is 5-for-13;
* Alex Rodriguez, who David Ortiz still maintains is the best player in baseball, is 1-for-11;
* Nick Swisher is 1-for-6
* Mark Teixeira is 0-for-3
* Jorge Posada is 0-for-3

Again, tiny sample sizes that don't really mean anything.

At Fenway Park:
* Jeter has a line of .252/.314/.382
* Teixeira has a line of .194/.363/.274
(He's walked 14 times in 80 plate appearances.)
* Swisher has a line of .205/.321/.364
* Damon always gets booed.

One last fun number -- well, sort of:
* This kid wasn't even alive the last time the Yankees won the World Series. ("It's fun to do bad things," he says.)

(OK, so that was just an excuse to post that link. But that clip is fantastic.)

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