Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's not easy being Green

Great. Just when we make the decision to highlight Nick Green's throwing arm, he makes a throwing error in the second inning -- a play that could have gone either way in the official scorebook. It's his third error through 13-plus games at shortstop.

It took some nifty glovework, though, just to get to the low line drive off the bat of Joe Crede; he shorthopped it where the dirt meets the grass and came up throwing. He might have rushed his throw -- something he said this week has been a problem for him in the past -- and Kevin Youkilis couldn't make the scoop.

Youkilis, by the way, just keeps seeing everything he hits land somewhere fortuitous. This time, it was in the second row of the right-field bleachers, just beyond the Pesky Pole; a few feet in either direction, and it's either a foul ball or an out. It was Youkilis' team-best fourth home run of the season.


Happy birthday, Terry Francona.

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