Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Staying sane during rain delays

Umpires just called off the first game of the Red Sox-Twins doubleheader in the seventh inning, handing the Red Sox a 10-1 win (and Tim Wakefield his second straight complete game).

Both teams retreated to their respective clubhouses to wait out the rain delay -- just as they did a night ago before a gam that never ended up being played.

"Pedey was screaming," David Ortiz said. "That's the longest three hours, man, when you've got a little man screaming."


A reporter asked Ortiz for his thoughts on the turnaround in attitude in the span of a week. Last week, the Red Sox were 2-6 and a hopeless mess. Coming off a stretch in which they've scored 48 runs in six games, winning all six, the Red Sox look like a juggernaut again.

"That’s Boston," he said. "People panic too easy here. I’ve been here seven years, man, and the years we’ve struggled the most, we win the World Series – and then there’s some other years when things are looking good and then injuries happen. ...

"Sometimes, I guess, panicking, that’s what makes the game interesting. But sometimes that gets the game all (expletived) up, too. I don’t know. I love it. It’s OK. It’s good with me. I’ve been dealing with that (expletive) for years, so I know how it goes."

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